We are the Las Vegas Valley’s top birth and parenting center. We provide support and education to expecting families, new families and industry professionals. Our intention with the families we serve is to provide them with the resources they need to feel confident from pregnancy through parenthood. Our intention for the industry professionals is to build community and bring together affiliates with similar goals.

At Las Vegas Baby Co., our professional affiliates support all birth and parenting styles, including but not limited to, natural births, medicated births, cesarean births, multiples, NICU stays, breast and bottle feeding, IVF, surrogates, high-risk pregnancies, adoptions, hospital births and home births.

Our modern office space is located in beautiful Henderson. We provided a safe place for parents and babies in the first year to connect, socialize, learn and grow. You will have access to a team of professionals who specialize in their field. We offer new parenting classes, wellness groups, baby enrichment classes, learning toys for co-play, a co-working area, yoga, feeding support and more!

*Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs), Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Health Care Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) can be accepted.



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When you hire a birth support professional you get up-to-date information and unbiased support to help you make your birth experience your own.



The postpartum period can be unpredictable and most new parents feel unprepared. Thrive as new parents with the support of one of our experienced postpartum support professionals.



We offer a variety of educational classes on pregnancy, postpartum, newborn care, breastfeeding, babies, parenthood and more.