Do I Need a Doula for Cesarean Birth?

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As a doula this comes up all the time, "I am planning cesarean, why would I need a doula?" or "What if I end up with a cesarean, then is the money and time invested worth it?"

The answer is yes, ABSOLUTELY. If you want continuous, unbiased support, then regardless how you birth, you will benefit from having a doula present.

Moms who have a doula have said just knowing her doula was waiting in the room for her put them at ease.  

From prenatal to postpartum, below are some ways a doula can support you and your family during a cesarean birth, whether elected or emergency. 

  • Prenatal/Pre-Operation appointment- Prior to giving birth your doula will educate you and provide you with the resources you need to make an informed decision about your care. During prenatal visits your doula will discuss the circumstances that lead to a planned cesarean birth and an unplanned cesarean birth. Your doula will provide tips to try and avoid a cesarean, tips to prepare for a cesarean and tips to recover from a cesarean. Your doula will also help answer any additional questions or concerns you may have. 

  • Postpartum/Post-Operation- The postpartum period for mothers recovering from a cesarean birth can be challenging. Your doula is a familiar face to assist you during this time. Your doula can help with skin-to-skin after the birth, help you sit up comfortably and change positions safely. Your doula will show your partner the best ways to care for you as you recover.

  • Feeding- Once mom and baby are reunited in the room your doula will be there to help with the initial feeding. Your doula can suggest the best positioning for you and baby during the recovery and provide an extra set of hands. 

  • Birth Trauma- Sometimes when a birth doesn't go as planned mothers can experience something called birth trauma. It is common for moms to feel disappointed and scared after a cesarean birth, especially in an emergency situation. Your doula will provide a listening ear and unbiased emotional support to help you cope with these feelings if they arise.

We believe birth is birth no matter how it takes place. At Doulas of Las Vegas we support all types of birth variations. So whether you are planning a natural birth, a medicated birth or a cesarean birth; having a doula can help make your birth experience more calm and memorable.

The wound is the place where the light enters you
— Rumi