the production of milk

Las Vegas Baby Co. is proud to offer a detailed, evidence-based curriculum that focuses on your desires as a parent. Our classes allow for a more personalized experience between the participants and the instructor. Using our unbiased approach, we will provide you with the knowledge needed to make confident decision throughout childbirth and parenthood.


Breastfeeding Experience Classes

The Breastfeeding Experience
We will supply you with facts and information to help make your breastfeeding experience a memorable one. During this interactive class we will discuss latch and positioning, how much to feed your baby and when to do so, how to know they are getting enough, what to expect as a breastfeeding mother and much more. A must for first time parents. Your partner is welcome to join in on this class!

Fee: $75.00 per couple (one time class done in your home)

Educator: Alicia Mattera- Founder of Las Vegas Baby Co.


The Pumping Class
Welcome to The Pumping Class, where we help the modern mom achieve their breastfeeding goals while incorporating pumping into their busy lives! The goal of this class is to simplify pumping. You will learn about pump parts, starting a pumping schedule, how to maintain your milk supply, how to build a stash, how to store your breastmilk, how to work with your employers so you’re able to pump, and a few more nifty tricks.


Educator: Alicia Mattera- Founder of Las Vegas Baby Co.