Hello, I'm Caroline Hurst.

Caroline Headshot updated .png

Birth and Postpartum Support Professional


Since the very beginning, Caroline's career has centered around her biggest passion, supporting families. The quote “It Takes a Village” is the driving force behind the services she provides. She thrived in her prior jobs as a nanny and early childhood educator, understanding the diverse and unique parenting journey of her clients. Her work supporting families and her personal battle with Endometriosis and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome opened her eyes to the incredible value of compassionate care for women. Once she became a Birth Doula, she knew she had found her true calling to walk alongside parents through pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Caroline is a firm believer that all birth is natural and beautiful, whether it’s unmedicated, medicated, vaginal or cesarean. The most important thing is that a woman feels heard, respected and nurtured during her baby’s birth. Her goal as a doula is that each mom walks away from their birth experience feeling loved unconditionally, in-control and confident to transition into motherhood. She is well versed in natural comfort methods including rebozo use, acupressure, visualization, breath work, and massage. Her experience includes both high and low-risk pregnancies, VBAC, hospital births, hypnobirthing, home births and more.

Caroline resides in Las Vegas with her husband. On the weekends, she loves an invigorating yoga class, reading a book and spending quality time with her partner and dog.