Corporate Program


What we do…

Las Vegas Baby Co., Maternity Consultants will provide your employees with the support and education they need during the physical and emotional changes pregnancy and postpartum can bring, along with being a working parent. 

Our Maternity Consultants offer custom packages and a variety of services to help employers and families work together through this transition of welcoming a new family member and returning to work. 

Providing employees maternal/paternal support can be an effective way to reward employees with extra benefits, increase employee retention rates and support working families.  

How we can help…

Our Maternity Consultants will design a program that takes into consideration the unique needs of your employees and their families then assist in creating a plan that makes this transition smooth and effective. The program includes: preparing for baby’s arrival through education, maternal and/or paternal support during leave, postpartum resources, a return to work plan, long-term goals for working parents, and more.

Our goal is to support families during the entire process so that they can have a healthy working pregnancy and return to work happy, supported and well-rested. 

Maternity Consultants are available for all business types and sizes. We will work closely with your corporate leader or human resources department to align with your company’s needs and best practices. 

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