Hello, I'm Erin Nausin


Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula


My journey as a birth worker started during my first pregnancy in 2013. After watching a few too many Netflix documentaries during that first trimester, my eyes were opened to the many ways we can experience pregnancy and birth; not one of them better than the other. It was so freeing to me to know that birth can look so different for everyone. I began looking for the kind of support I wanted for my own birth, and found that with an incredible group of midwives. That first birth was intense, my recovery was long, and breastfeeding was much more of a challenge than I had ever imagined. I learned how important it was to have that support system to help achieve the kind of birth you want, and to navigate those early postpartum days as you experience that big transition into a new rhythms and routines. I became passionate about walking alongside other women in their birth and postpartum journey, knowing that it can have a profound effect on our confidence as parents, our mental health, and the relationship we have with our children.

The important stuff

I’m a certified Birth Doula through DONA International and have learned so much from attending births and walking through postpartum with new mothers. As a doula, my focus is to be a reliable, unbiased resource and someone who will be on your team as you navigate the many decisions that come during pregnancy, birth and parenthood.  

What do I do for fun?

I have two daughters, ages three and one, and am wife to a local pastor. In addition to birth work, I’m also a graphic designer, despite earning bachelor’s degree in Spanish. I’ve loved living overseas and have a heart for serving and learning from those in true need. On my off days you can most likely find me at HomeGoods or scouting out the newest bakery.

The loudest message I can share with women is that they are never alone in their motherhood journey. You are the right woman for the job, you’re the best mom for your child, and you’ve got an inexhaustible support group every step of the way. It’s going to be really (really) good.