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By checking below, I consent and authorize Las Vegas Baby Co. (LVBC) or any entity authorized by LVBC (such as a photographer hired by LVBC) to copyright, use and publish any of the images in any format taken of myself and my minor child(ren) during the Mom University class series. I understand these images may be used for a variety of purposes and may appear on the LVBC website, social media, promotional materials or any other media now known or to be invented. I also understand that LVBC or any entity authorized by LVBC will use the images exclusively for LVBC-related purposes and not for any commercial gain. Since anyone can download an image from the Internet or make copies from printed materials, I agree that LVBC is not responsible for unauthorized use of the images. I am aware that I am not entitled to any compensation and that the images may appear with or without my or LVBC name. By checking and entering my name below, I acknowledge I have read and understand this release.
By entering your name below, you hereby certify that the information is correct to the best of my knowledge and understand that falsification of this information is grounds for removal from class series.