an essential condition of body and mind that typically occurs for several hours every night, in which the body is inactive and relaxed, the eyes closed.

Overnight Care

Sleep like a baby! 

During pregnancy you will hear over and over again how sleep deprived you will be once your baby arrives. However, you will never fully understand that comment until you are living it! 

We can help!

Sleep is a very important part of recovery and mental health following childbirth and into the 4th trimester. Our overnight doulas are trained to step in and assist during the night so the new parents can get some much needed rest. Newborns will feed every 2-3 hours throughout the day and at night. Once you add in a diaper change, a little burping and a some soothing techniques, you're looking at some serious lack of sleep! Most parents are not prepared for the actual sleep deprivation! This can go on for weeks or even months and we want you to feel rested, supported and confident in your new role as parents, having good sleep will help with that. 

Having an overnight care professional looks different for each family. The options are endless and you can decide what works for you family.

Overnight doula shifts are typically scheduled from 10:00pm-6:00am but can be adjusted.

Some overnight duties can include:

  • Feedings

  • Baby Care

  • Extra set of hands

  • Childbirth recovery support

  • Light snacks for mom

  • Washing bottles and/or pump parts

  • Help create a routine and healthy sleep habits

  • Assist with multiples

  • Be there during those tough nighttime hours!

Get in touch with us so you can get some real sleep and feel like your old self again! 

Fee: $280 for eight hour shift