an organ formed in the uterus specifically designed to grow and nourish an unborn baby

Postpartum Placenta Specialist

During pregnancy, a woman’s body actually grows an organ and then discards it when it is no longer needed. How amazing is that?!

At approximately 8 weeks’ gestation, your placenta takes over to nourish your baby with everything he/she needs until birth. Your placenta grows as your pregnancy progresses. Each placenta is unique, and comes in all different shapes and sizes. This organ houses many types of hormones that are necessary to sustain your pregnancy and produce a healthy baby. These hormones can be very beneficial during the postpartum period by ingesting your placenta, also known as placentophagy.

Placenta encapsulation can help decrease mood swings, increase milk production, improve energy levels, and ease that drastic hormonal drop that occurs after giving birth.

Las Vegas Baby Co. provides professional placenta encapsulation services, utilizing the highest safety standards.

Fee: $250 ($25 non-refundable fee is due to reserve placenta services. Fee will be used towards service)