the process of changing from one state or condition to another.

Las Vegas Baby Co. is proud to offer a detailed, evidence-based curriculum that focuses on your desires as a parent. Our classes allow for a more personalized experience between the participants and the instructor. Using our unbiased approach, we will provide you with the knowledge needed to make confident decision throughout childbirth and parenthood.

The Postpartum & Newborn Experience Class

Having a new baby creates a lot of new responsibilities! This class will help prepare you for parenthood and all the different experiences you will take on in those first few weeks. We will discuss newborn care including feeding techniques, normal newborn behaviors, bathing, diapering, umbilical cord care, swaddling, sleeping and so much more. We will talk about the physical and emotional changes you may expect as a new mom and make suggestions on how to avoid the baby blues and/or postpartum depression. After attending this class, you will feel extremely confident going into your new role as parents! This class can be taken as first-time parents or as a refresher.

Fee: $75 per couple (one time class done in your home)

Alicia Mattera- Founder, Las Vegas Baby Co.