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Newborn in Las Vegas

Standards of Care

Professional Care

Following your inquiry to Las Vegas Baby Co we will pair you with a professional doula who was hand selected to be a part of our team. Not only will you get a committed doula to answer questions and provide support, you also have access to the entire team, including the owner, Alicia Mattera. As career doulas we are committed to working with the medical providers in our community to provide the best childbirth and postpartum experience to our clients. 

Educated & Reliable

Our team is reliable and available to our clients the moment our contract is signed. Our team provides our clients with the most up-to-date information and we continue to keep current with educational trainings and monthly meetings. Our goal is to support you and your goals. Our team is educated in a variety of birth plans such as natural birth, medicated birth, VBAC’s, cesarean birth, and home birth. We support all postpartum family plans as well. If you are breastfeeding, bottle feeding or mixed feeding we stand with you and provide the support you need as a new mother. At Las Vegas Baby Co, we take pride in our diverse education and look forward to serving and supporting our community as professional doulas.

What others are saying...

There is no other professionals I would want assisting me through this process. Their knowledge, experience and passion are the best I have seen. But most importantly, their compassion and dedication cannot be duplicated.
— Tami M.
I would be lost without you! There are just not enough words to express how loving and caring you are and your compassionate drive to help others. Thank you so much!
— Christina F.