a particular instance of personally encountering or undergoing something

Las Vegas Baby Co. is proud to offer a detailed, evidence-based curriculum that focuses on your desires as a parent. Our classes allow for a more personalized experience between the participants and the instructor. Using our unbiased approach, we will provide you with the knowledge needed to make confident decision throughout childbirth and parenthood.


The Birth Experience Class

This class is designed to help prepare you for the best possible childbirth experience based upon you and your partner’s choices and desires. We explore all different types of childbirth methods and alternatives. If you are preparing for a natural birth, planning for an epidural, or maybe a cesarean is the best option for you, all will benefit from this class.

The The Birth Experience class is a great alternative to a hospital class.  You will walk away feeling confident and prepared for your upcoming childbirth experience! 

Fee: $75 per couple (one time class done in your home)

Alicia Mattera- Founder of Las Vegas Baby Co.